How to get your mojo back

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Our mojo is something that can be a bit mysterious and difficult to define. Your mojo is generally considered to be our source of vigour and energy, your self confidence and self-esteem. Those who have lost their mojo can be considered as feeling run down, depleted of energy, overwhelmed, overworked, stressed-out, bored, tired and lethargic. They struggle to get motivated to get things done and get motivated to enjoy things like socializing and going to the gym. If you want to do things and get things done, then you need to get that mojo back.

To get your mojo back, then try the following:

1.  Stop whining and complaining. Being negative all the time is going to kill off your mojo, so stop.

2. Celebrate the wins and don’t dwell on the failures. Reflect on how the wins happened. Can you reproduce those situations. Set up for lots of small wins rather than have too many big goals.

3. Exercise. Go for a run, go to the gym, play a game of tennis. Do something physical. Join a sports team that plays in a social competition. Run a marathon or set some goal to work towards something.

4. Step outside your comfort zone. Do something that challenges you outside of your comfort zone. Do a parachute jump or go bungee jumping.

5. Live your own life, stop comparing your self to others. Judge yourself by your own goals and benchmarks and not those of others.

6. Get a life coach or a use a role model who has mojo and who you admire. Model your life on their example.

7. Have a style make over. Get a haircut. Buy new clothes. Get professional advice on your style. Wear things that are flattering. If you look good, then you are going to feel good.

8. Help others. Your mojo is going to be improved by volunteering for a charity or a sports club. You are going to feel better about yourself from being of service to you community.

9. Move on. Get rid of those things in your life that are killing off your mojo. Forget about failed relationships and get out of toxic friendships and relationships.

10. Try and learn something new. Enrol in a course. Find some new interests. Find a new hobby that you can get involved with.

11. Go outside. Get out of the house. Get a dose of Vitamin D. The right amount of sunlight can lift your energy levels.

12. Think positive things. Don’t think negative things. Dream about positive things that you can do and achieve.

13. Turn set backs into time for positive self-reflection to move on to achieve positive things next time.

Above all, always think that you have got this. You have got what it takes. You have the resources you need. You just need to tap into those resources. Being negative is going to block you getting to those resources. Get help from others who you admire. Get rid of the negativity in your life. You can rule the world.

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