Secret Squirrel had Mojo

Up and at em! Remember Secret Squirrel from the Saturday morning cartoons from the 1960’s? He had mojo.

He was a spy who worked for the “International Sneaky Service” (I.S.S.). Secret Squirrel often worked with his sidekick, a Mexican mouse named Morocco Mole, and together they would go on various missions to foil the plans of their arch-nemesis, a villainous organization known as “Yellow Pinkie”.

Secret Squirrel was resourceful, brave, and used high-tech gadgets, which always helped him save the day.

Sleep is better than drugs for your mojo

A comment in the book, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, Phd should grab the attention of anyone wanting their mojo back. He suggest that better sleep habits for professional athletes will give them a performance boost greater than any performance enhancing drugs would. Professional athletes and teams need to pay attention. We all know that sleep is important as our mothers kept telling us, but when you read Walker’s book it is a lot more important than we probably think. Poor sleep affects your athletic performance, your work performance, increases the risk for so many health conditions and affects your mojo. Poor sleep impairs the healing of so many health conditions.

Do yourself a favor and read the book (its a NY Times best seller) and sleep better. Your mojo will thank you.

Gluten free by choice; don’t understand Celiac disease = no mojo

Some people choose to eliminate gluten from their diets, others have no choice to and have to eliminate gluten from their diets for medical reasons as they have Celiac disease. They do not have a choice. Those who do it by choice annoy those who have no choice but to do it.

The movement towards gluten-free diets by choice has led to a mass misunderstanding by people of the medical necessity of a gluten-free diet for those who do have Celiac disease. Those with Celiac disease really resent being lumped in with the “fad dieters” by those who just do not understand it.

See this story: From a celiac: I don’t like gluten-free people either.

More has to be done about concussion in sport as its ruining athletes mojo

More and more sports are taking the concussion issue seriously, but so much more needs to be done. It is affecting the long term mental health and the mojo of too many athletes. Even in kids, this study has shown that a third of kids develop mental health issues after a concussion. Just making new laws led to a big jump in the treatment for concussion – what was going on with these people before the laws were implemented? More laws are needed, especially to prevent youth concussion. We can not afford to loose all that mojo in a whole generation.

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Are the chemtrails taking away your mojo?

Of course they are not.

Those things you see behind planes are not some nefarious spraying campaign that the government is using to try and control us. There are simple scientific explanations as to why they occur in certain atmospheric conditions. They are simple contrails and not chemtrails. That they are something other than that is just made up nonsense and pseudoscience promoted by chemtards. Stop falling for their nonsense. Its not going to affect your mojo (unless you join them in their nonsense, in which case you loose it all).

How to get your mojo back

Our mojo is something that can be a bit mysterious and difficult to define. Your mojo is generally considered to be our source of vigour and energy, your self confidence and self-esteem. Those who have lost their mojo can be considered as feeling run down, depleted of energy, overwhelmed, overworked, stressed-out, bored, tired and lethargic. They struggle to get motivated to get things done and get motivated to enjoy things like socializing and going to the gym. If you want to do things and get things done, then you need to get that mojo back.

To get your mojo back, then try the following:

1.  Stop whining and complaining. Being negative all the time is going to kill off your mojo, so stop.

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