Dustin Martin and the Archies have mojo

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Dustin Martin is the man. He is a superstar player for Richmond in the the Australian Football League (Aussie Rules).

He is the brand ambassador for the Archies thongs (they call flip flops, thongs in Australia):

The Archies footwear are selling like hotcakes and giving people mojo. They are not like other types of flip flops in that they have a built in arch support making them so comfortable. The strap is tighter so your toes do not have to grip on and they are molded as one piece so the strap does not pop out. Dustin just add more mojo to them.

If you want mojo, then do something like getting a pair of these. You can get them online or at a number of podiatry clinics.

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Find Weird and Wonderful Books at AbeBooks